Selling Your Home, Think Like A Buyer!

This article discusses buying and selling your home and how to get ready for this major life event. I know from experience that getting a home ready for sale is an enormous task. Top dollar and a quick sale is always the goal, but making that happen is more than listing a home on the Internet and putting a sign on the lawn. Your real estate agent is going to be the one that markets your home, but you are the one that will get the home ready and make some major decisions along the way.

I find that the best way for a seller to think about selling is to pretend they are buying the home. To understand better, put yourself in the buyers shoes. I often find that sellers think that buyers are going to find value in many parts of a home that will not translate into a feature worth more money. As a seller you need to take that into consideration. Fair market value is what a buyer will pay, and a ten thousand dollar faucet isn’t going to matter much to them.

After you leave your current home you will most likely buy another home. What features and details are you willing to pay for. Will you overpay for a house if the seller put in an upgrade that you don’t like? That is not something I see often. When you live in a home it becomes personal. Buyers don’t pay extra for that.

The second part of acting like a buyer is to view the home without the rose colored glasses you wear each day. Walk around the home and look at all the little flaws that you have meaning to fix but put off until tomorrow. Buyers are looking at everything. They open closet doors and look at all the dust and dirt. Yes, they will open the refrigerator and the oven. It matters more than you might think. A broken door or dirty toilet says that the seller doesn’t pay attention and hasn’t taken good care of the home over the years. Cleanliness is a huge factor. Make the beds and clean up for all showings. Paint prior to listing and decluttering is a huge plus. If you were buying the home, you would be doing all these things too.

Yes, all these things matter. Pretending you are a buyer is a great way to “see the home” as they would and guide you to a quick sale. When you need more assistance, your local real estate agent can help. Priority One Homes Team, LaShawn Norden has done an awesome job assisting homeowners with the sale of their property.  Contact the Priority One Homes team today!

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