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Tech Revolution


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As your customers spend more time online, they’ve been taught to expect an on-demand agent. Growing your business in this highly competitive, technology-fueled environment is more complicated and requires more energy than ever before.

Keller Williams acknowledges this reality and is taking momentous actions to ensure that its agents get back to their leads faster, spend more time with their clients and focus on the activities that truly matter to their business.

In the past, Keller Williams has stood behind its agents. In today’s world, this is no longer possible and the company must move from the shadows to stand fi rmly beside its agents. And so, after 34 years, the company has for the first time reimagined its mission and perspective. It’s leveraging the collective power of its 150,000 associates and ambitiously charging forward as a technology company that provides the real estate platform that our agents’ buyers and sellers prefer.

KW Technology Leaders - Jonathan Berkowitz, Josh Team and Steve Peterschmidt This incredible shift is possible thanks to Keller Williams’ consistent growth and increased productivity, the result of Co-CEO John Davis’s Growth Initiative, the Career Growth Initiative and the dedication of leadership at all levels.

A Technology Revolution

Over the past year, Keller Williams has made massive investments in its core infrastructure in order to reimagine your most critical technology. Keller Williams Technology Leaders Josh Team, Jonathan Berkowitz, and Steve Peterschmidt are leading the charge

“World-class technology companies need to own their product vision, they can’t rent it. We can’t outsource our roadmap and vision because no one cares more about what you need to be successful than we do,” said Josh Team, chief innovation officer. “Our observation is the number one challenge an agent faces is the number of independent, disconnected technologies.”

Currently, agents must track their customers across over a dozen software products and systems simultaneously. Keller Williams envisions the world where every one of its agents has ALL the data about their customers, their prospects, and their business in ONE place. This is accomplished through the creation of a single platform that allows agents to effortlessly run their business.

Outside technology companies have seen the same challenge and have attempted to fill the gap between what consumers want and how the industry is evolving, but they rarely respond properly because the big picture is too complicated for them. While many chase the promise of an end-to-end solution, it requires a commitment to a single experience and cannot be assembled with dozens of parts.

Uncompromising Core Values

Keller Williams has decided to invest in closing this gap and pivot to intersect the best consumer experience with the best agent solutions. And since the company has taken the development of its technology future in house, it is able to apply the best practices and proven principles that Gary Keller and Jay Papasan are using to develop the MREA2.

“Every six months you’ll see us take another step on our roadmap. We’ll move from simplifying agent technology to expanding your ability to reach new consumers,” explained Berkowitz. To accomplish this, the focus will be spent innovating on the following three core product strategy principles:

  1. Simple: The only tech worth using is tech that provides beautiful, uncomplicated experiences.
  2. Smart: Real estate-focused technology will be smart – the more you use it, the more it will accomplish on your behalf.
  3. Scalable: Everyone starts out small; some get big and some get huge. Your tech needs to grow as you do.
Introducing the Keller Cloud

With a renewed mission and clear vision to simplify your technology ecosystem, Keller Williams has created the Keller Cloud, the industry’s smartest platform. Designed to help you learn and earn, the Keller Cloud dramatically simplifies the day-to-day experiences you have with the most important technologies you use.

Within the cloud lives an ever-growing collection of tools, all of which work together and allow you to control every key aspect of your business and growth goals. Key functions include training, connecting with fellow associates, day-to-day business operations and expansion of your circle of influence.

LEARN with KWConnect

Keller Williams’ product strategy reflects a continued commitment to training and education. This is reflected in KWConnect, a trusted resource for the 97,000 agents who have already adopted it. Powered by Keller Williams agents, KWConnect is on its way to becoming the most influential community of real estate professionals in the country. It will only get smarter and become more deeply integrated into the Keller Cloud.

EARN with KWCommand

The key to empowering agents to own and execute their growth plans is KWCommand. Built on agent insights, KWCommand is an integrated experience that knows your goals, knows your market, collects data on your customers and helps run every aspect of your business from one location. An agent’s database is their business and this goes far beyond a CRM. And when you opt in, you opt into more referrals and powerful, strategic integrations like social media advertising with Facebook and Kelle, an AI-based tool that understands and works within the Keller Cloud.

The Transition

Removing fragmentation and revolutionizing the solutions agents use to manage their business and achieve their goals is a journey, and it’s already begun. “By Mega Camp [September 2017], agents will be able to learn in one place. One experience,” says Steve Peterschmidt, chief technology officer. KWCommand will be rolled out through August and will include complete task and pipeline management, referral and AI services.

Over the past five years, Keller Williams has become the world’s largest real estate company with the most powerful community of agents. Over the course of the next five years, the company will build the simple, smart and scalable technology solution for agents to help consumers pursue their perfect lifestyle.

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