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The Priority One Homes Team has more than 25 combined years of experience in real estate sales or home building. As a result, we have developed an extensive list of professionals that we are confident in referring to customers.

When purchasing a home, one of the most important steps of that purchase will be determining if inspections of the property are needed, and if so, which ones are needed and who is capable of providing that service. For your reference, we have provided you with a list of inspectors that we know and trust.

In addition to listing these professionals, we have also found that once closed, many new homeowners have a “honey-do” list that includes painting, fence repair or replacement, pool cleaning, housekeeping, plumbing, electrical or A/C repair, wood decay repair, kitchen, and bathroom remodeling and more. As a result, we have also developed an extensive list of these vendors as well. If you are in need of another service provider not listed here, please let us know and we will be happy to seek a qualified, licensed professional who can help you!

While we would hope that all of the professionals listed on our website would offer the best service and pricing for our customers, we are unable to guarantee their service. We are, however, willing to promise to you that we will remove vendors from our Referral Resource if we receive negative feedback from our valued friends and customers.

Due to the ongoing relationships that we have with vendors, they have extended one-time service discounts to our clients and friends. Please be certain to mention that you found them on our website so that they know how you found out about them!

Helpful Resources

While you may elect to hire a licensed roofer, plumber, electrician, and HVAC contractor to individually inspect these components of the home, there are many certified Home & Building Inspectors who provide a comprehensive inspection of the property that TYPICALLY includes an evaluation of the following:

Roof, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC (Air & Heat), Water Intrusion, Pool Equipment, Operational Status of the Appliances, Structural issues, Cosmetic issues

Home & building inspection services cost around $300-$500 for most homes. Here are some of our preferred companies.

Jon Bolton & Ron Hamel
The Inspectagator (407) 678-4663

Glen Trombly
Good Lookers Property Inspections (407) 341-5918

Jim Feece
Metropolitan Home Inspectors (407) 897-1203

Often, a termite inspection is required by your lender. This inspection can be somewhat frustrating, because although the house may not have actual termites (those pesky little insects!!), the house may have rotten wood, fungus or other exciting things that may have to be repaired or replaced prior to you purchasing the house. I have included the names of 3 termite inspectors for you, but just as you could with the home inspector, you can choose whomever you would like… just make sure to let me know who you have hired and when the inspection is scheduled so that I can make sure they have access to the house. Termite inspections can be paid at the time of the inspection, or if allowed by the inspector and/or mortgage lender, paid for at closing. The timing of the termite inspection is as important as the home inspection, as there are often deadlines to be met.
Termite & wood destroying organisms inspection cost approximately $85-$150 for most homes.

Here a couple of our preferred inspectors.

Frank Lott
Lott & Elbert Exterminating   (407) 677-6747

Craig Johnson
Thee Inspector  (407) 402-6493

You will need to let your lender know who you have chosen as an insurance agent. It is important to get quotes at least 1 full week prior to closing, just to make sure that you will have no problem getting coverage. I’ve also provided some recommendations for you below:

Stacie Caldwell & Joshua Amos
Brightway Insurance  (321) 363-5500

Traci Sihle
Sihle Insurance Group  (321) 422-7825

Mansi Desai
Florida Insurance Specialists, LLC   (321) 926-4697

Here are some of our preferred HVAC companies.

One Stop Cooling & Heating  (407)459-8916

Frank Gay AC Heating & Refrigeration  (407) 293-2642
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